She used to say she hated smokers and refused

  • She used to say she hated smokers and refused to kiss him, but the roses he'd bought her were an emotional lubrication. She still complained, but flowers muted her for another week

  • During this time lubrication was also physical so she couldn't deny being crazy about him,cigarretes or not.Still,they decided to meet half way and he started trading non-smoked

  • evenings at the jazzbar for days working under the chassis of his uncles edsel with a grease gun. This was all fine and good until the day that a Charlie Parker impersonator

  • accidentally stepped on Aunt Milly's chihuahua. It was during the Charlie Parker Impersonator's solo in "Satin Doll." He was stamping to stay on beat and

  • Crunch! Squeak! Pepe was no more. Still even with Aunt Milly giving him a 0, he did manage to come in third in the talent show. It may have helped that the other judges hated

  • Aunt Milly's East German upbringing. The top prize for the family talent show went to his older sister, Gladys, who was able to perform Flight of the Bumblebee on a Jew's Harp.

  • It was such a moving performance that everyone in a mile radius that heard the beautiful sound came running to the talent show to witness such a

  • magnificent display of talent! The performer would take her bow as her display came to an end. A couple of days later she was contacted by an agent of "theactorsscene" to ask her

  • whether she was ready to leave everything she knew behind and embark on an adventure. She felt that she was but was reluctant to commit to something which she didn't know the

  • true meaning of. The flames that rose from between her legs terrified and excited her. The flames demanded she leave her husband, her children, her home, everything! Could she?



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