Gloria Monday relied on the Sic Transit System

  • Gloria Monday relied on the Sic Transit System to get her where she needed to go. She was a card shark in frumpy yoga attire, and her invisible pass was her ticket to ride. Double-

  • your money honey? When she dropped the kids off at soccer, Gloria Monday would ride the rails playing 3-card monte with Catholic school girls in the back. She hustled to get

  • money she could so she could take off to LA to meet up with Jim & all her other "guy friends." Gloria Monday was a lady with a mission, alright. Her name was definitely on my list.

  • My To-DONE List. I chest bumped my fellow bros and checked off Gloria Monday. Ruby Tuesday would have to wait, though, now that my girlfriend was catching on. Jim was her spy and

  • -roid. Jim was a Typhesto Corp. special. My girlfriend was a clarion carrier which meant she had access to crushTech. Me, I was ready to hook up with Wendy Wednesday, fleshbot

  • Who offered to clean my whole house before my mum visited, when my mum rang and said she was on the way. She arrived 20 minutes and 3 seconds later. She exclaimed, "What

  • the hell are you doing with this twat? For God's sake! I didn't raise you to become an easy slut who sleeps with anyone! I just pray to God you´re not pregnant, as it would ruin

  • my reputation. Now go shower and get cleaned up. Your father will be home soon and as you know,

  • your father doesn't like the house messy. I sigh and do as I was told. While cleaning up the downstairs, I found lego. It was almost hard not to step on it, the temptation was too

  • great. As the plasticine corners pushed into my flesh I was enraptured by the sweet ecstasy of that exquisite pain, quite unlike that which came from my father's brutish hands.



  1. ChrisRights Jul 02 2016 @ 23:15

    That last sentence, damn that was deep...

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