This is the story of an interesting threesome.A

  • This is the story of an interesting threesome.A very peculiar group of people whose main interest in life was the perception the other two had of them.A very private party.

  • so private in fact that I don't really have much to tell since I wasn't one of the three involved persons. My own family was a loud and promiscuous brood. Uncle Chuck married a dog

  • named Butch. In truth she wasn't a true dog but she was a bitch, in fact she was known all around town as "Butch the Bitch." Butch had her good points though, she could tree a

  • gardener with a pitbull and boa constrictor like no one's business. But Butch had an introspective side too which

  • made him very introspective on the boa constrictor, particularly as the ravenous reptile raucously relished him like rigatoni. Butch was in a tight state, and the pitbull was only

  • holding back trying to figure out if snakes really did relish rigatoni, or if they'd enjoy penne, tortellini or spaghetti just as much. Butch took advantage of the dog's hesitation

  • and ate all the pasta in one gulp. Butch began to feel very sick and barfed up everything including a half-digested bunny rabbit, chicken egg, and his master's pinky finger. Snakes

  • soon follow after the vomit and began hissing up a fit. "Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!" exclaim the snakes. Butch replied with a "ARRGAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" and

  • the snakes stopped dead in their tracks. One of them eyed Butch, "A bit much don't you think?" The others hissed in unison. "BUT YOU BIT ME!" yelled Butch. "Only a little."

  • Butch looked at his bleeding legs, then back to the snakes. He was so angry that his fat jiggled. It eventually caused a 9.9 Earthquake that made the world implode. Fucking Snakes.



  1. jaw2ek Feb 22 2012 @ 20:12

    Butch is a can-do bitch. Well done!

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