Él no quería participar, hasta que...Habiá

  • Él no quería participar, hasta que...Habiá una vez, en un país muy lejano, un ciudadano que no quería particpar

  • terminó participando en el torneo de justas

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  • a todos los monos del zoo

  • les atacó semejante fiebre que

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  • -rcism. The priest told my mom he was a licensed sexorcist, which meant that he could supposedly vanquish the demons responsible for my 'bishop beating'. But I wasn't gonna let

  • Snagglepus do any sort of sexorcism, priest or not. I ran off to the Himilayas and joined some monks as their chef. They were not pleased with the hamburger helper. I was left

  • wearing a dhaka topi and hemp rope on the banks of the Tso Mapham. There I saw an apparition of Lord Shiva in Yoga Nidra. In a dream he spoke. "You will make Tofu Helper to appeas

  • e the vengeful spirits of samsara. You will not buy the cheap knockoff brand. It will be name brand, and extra firm for shit's sake." I awoke restless, confused, and a bit hungry.



  1. BlastedHeath Feb 10 2012 @ 21:49

    My Spanish is not very good, but in general I'd like to see more stories that begin in Spanish continue in that language all the way through. But I did like the last few posts of this one.

  2. sundancer Feb 11 2012 @ 00:31

    Me too, BlastedHeath, but it was the fault of people who don't know how to play Folding Story who ruin it for the rest of us... (Cough *Julia* Cough) I set up the fold to be a really cool story about a jousting tournament but someone *cough* had to ruin it. That's okay because the end was laugh out loud funny due to some awesome creativity by buddyboy!

  3. sundancer Feb 11 2012 @ 00:33

    We should totally have a foldingstory.espanol.com or something!! That way the Spanish speakers can play without English speakers ruining their folds because they don't speak the language.

  4. buddyboy4711 Feb 11 2012 @ 02:16

    I share y'all's sentiments about foreign languages. It's kind of a bummer that they never make it past one or two folds. Plus, even though the switch to English can be pretty funny, the "twist" has become inevitable. A Spanish foldingstory sounds like a really neat idea. For what it's worth, I know I'd def contribute to something like that and put my rusty español to the test (perhaps as amigoniño4711) .

  5. SlimWhitman Feb 11 2012 @ 05:01

    I've been thinking the same thing. Took a stab at a couple of spanish, german & even russian folds continuing (that is a twist!) in the same language. But it doesn't last. I was thinking one could introduce different channels for different languages (or even other purposes like schools or young writers). Ofcourse one would need monitors & I guess that is where the problem is. The FS team is not huge. Perhaps some people in the community could monitor?

  6. sundancer Feb 11 2012 @ 12:42

    Great idea Slim! I monitor over at librarything.com because there are just not enough mods to catch spammers and they need faithful people who use the site to help out now and then. I volunteer to help catch spammers on foldingstory. :-)

  7. MoralEnd Feb 11 2012 @ 13:23

    I volunteer to help monitor.

  8. SlimWhitman Feb 12 2012 @ 09:35

    Well, I could help monitor a German channel if there was such a thing.

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