Marcus sat next to her on the couch, they

  • Marcus sat next to her on the couch, they were watching a movie, but not really. They were more into cracking the bones in each others fingers.

  • Under the blanket he pulled her metatarsal during a particularly suspenseful scene and it made a resounding pop. The other girls on the sofa screeched in unison. Nosferatu

  • make me laugh with their silly clown make up and tendencies to eat raw ham! the popping of her wrist indicated to the others that the game had begun. "left hand red!" was the

  • first card drawn and he touched the red dot on the mat. He heard a "click." Puzzled, he lifted his hand. A Bouncing Betty under the twister mat sprang up and radiated it's shrapnel

  • catching all of us by surprise. I had taken most of the shrapnel in my left arm, my right quickly searching for my sidearm. Finding none, i wiped the blood from my eyes and

  • appealed to the sensibilities of the incoming troops. "Why can't we just all get along?" I said. In a moment, we all sat together in an apple pie circle and expressed our feelings.

  • This didn't last long, however, as the Swiss were speaking openly without holding the predetermined "talky helmet". The Turks were pissed, and the warzone quickly became a warzone.

  • Yes, this war was now serious. The Turks called in a few of their friends, and attempted to surround the Swiss on three sides, with themselves to the West, and the

  • Indians to the North, and the Kiwis to the east. The swiss were now forced to escape to the South, unbeknown to the fact that the Monkees were waiting

  • with large pointy sticks. The Monkees just mimed throwing them though so the Swiss were never in any real danger, slaughtered the Monkees quickly, and safely made their way home.



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