I must have dozed off. When I awoke, the

  • I must have dozed off. When I awoke, the announcement said "Hell is next. Doors open on the left at Hell." As far as I knew, the subways did not go that far. Looking around, I saw

  • the vacant ghosts. I looked up at the subway ads "Damned? For Hope Call 1-800-DIAL ANGELS" I tried my cell phone, no bars. The PA yelled, "End of the line! Everyone out!" Brimstone

  • read the metro sign. The doors of the train opened & I stepped out into the heat. The others shuffled towards the exit & I followed. I was disturbed because the escalalor went down

  • and there was a lone Slinky trying to make its way up toward the metro. Escalators usually come in pairs, but I could not see the ascending one. My alienated mechanized descent

  • into Satan's Toy Box brought a multitude of my childhood keepsakes into view. What had the toys done wrong, and why were they trying to escape? I imagined playtime with Satan to be

  • much like it was with my brother Earl. Reach in the toybox, lose a finger. Gor for a bike ride, lose a toe. Consequently, I was a little gun-shy about delving deeper into what

  • -ever he had living at the bottom of the pit. But Earl said, "you have to see it. It's got these teeth." What did he have trapped in there I wondered, a raccoon?

  • Well, stupid me, listening to Earl again. I confidently stepped up to the edge of the dune and peered over. Yep, it was a pit. I reached on and a tentacle caught my arm! "SARLACC!"

  • The Sarlaac was pulling me into the Great Pit of Carkoon as I screamed for Earl to save me. Earl just clicked his tongue and chirped, "slowly digested for a thousand years."

  • What was I to expect Earl betrayed me. I grabed Sarlaac and threw him in the air, no matter what I was saving my brother, I smiled as I was fell in, today I was joining mom and dad



  1. Chaz Feb 26 2012 @ 16:38

    Aww.. a little sad at the end. :(

  2. BlastedHeath Feb 28 2012 @ 21:04

    But it was delightfully bleak in the middle! =D

  3. SlimWhitman Feb 29 2012 @ 16:21

    Does someone hear a slinky slinking up out of the depths? http://www.999images.com/view-subway-to-hell-852x480.html

  4. BlastedHeath Feb 29 2012 @ 20:12

    Luckily it was just Satan at the bottom of the stairs, and not Basement Cat! =O

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