Somewhere out there she was watching. I knew

  • Somewhere out there she was watching. I knew she was. I wasn't sure why, and I wasn't sure how, but I knew she was. She appeared somewhere every day. Always dazed, yet focused.

  • The weight of her stare was like a big wet moose hide thrown over me. I felt trapped. Claustrophobic. Everywhere I went there her gaze would go. The world was one giant window

  • filled with her gigantic veined eyeball. I had to talk so I confided in Josh from work who was Tinder swiping at the time. He said I should maybe relax & fixed me up with a date

  • with one of those lifelike sex dolls. She praised me a lot, but her blank expression made me question her sincerity. When I spanked her she admitted she had been a naughty girl.

  • When I kissed her, she kissed back. When I took her to bed, she did her part. When I told her I loved her? She stayed silent. That said, I was happy with my lifelike sex doll,

  • but what I really needed was a love doll. So I left my sex doll and found a love doll, instead. She loved and cuddled me and took me to visit her plastic parents. They did not appr

  • oach me too closely as I did work at a hair pin factory. But I assured them that I was very careful not to bring work home. In time I became close to my love dolls family and then

  • even grew to love.... my doll. We became secret lovers. The doll knew me in ways that no one could ever understand me. When to make spaghetti, when to pull my hair, when

  • to engage my Death Ray, when to say just the right thing. But when I started to do tricks late into the night just so that my love doll could have her Bon Bon Bathe, I restarted to

  • Have nightmares about meatball sandwiches. Little did she know about how I came to filch the recipe.



  1. LordVacuity May 22 2017 @ 11:24

    Was the love doll an Omaha Love Doll brand Love doll?

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