I was having an argument with my map when

  • I was having an argument with my map when she put her downy hand on my shoulder and informed me that I was disrupting the other hikers. "Why can't you follow the path like us," she

  • advised me in hushed tones. I pointed at my GPS. "I can't find a sewer grate anywhere in Yosimite!" She looked askance. "Hon, that is Mario World 3." Just then, a raging turtle

  • dove squawked in her face. She blinked, totally stunned by the ferociousness of the bird squelch, but then I saw it. Three french hens coming over half-dome thirsty for

  • the blood of an Englishman. "I'm Welsh!" I screamed. But the 3 french hens were on me. They were like Hitchcock's birds, only worse. If it wasn't for 4 calling birds floating down

  • at that moment, getting into a fight with the french hens, I'd have died for sure. Scrambling to my feet, I found the five gold rings in my pocket. Ah ha, these make good knuckle

  • bracers. I roundhoused the five french hens into a cloud of feathers and mcnuggets and was feeling pretty sure of myself when I was dive bombed by a squadron of six geese a laying

  • . I did a quick back somersault followed by a triple heel flip. A trick I had learned from my ancient Kung Fu master. He had been a crafty warrior known for his five golden rings

  • and the uncanny ability to laugh like Mutley the dog. These gymnastics gave me the edge and I performed a perfectly executed

  • gymnastics move & won some sort of gymnatizing cup or medal or thingy. I was the best at being a gymnastics contest participant, even if I knew little about actual gymnasticizing.

  • It was so great to lift my hands in the air and reach for the stars at the end of my tumble run thing and smile at the judges like it didn't hurt. Just pin the medal right here.



  1. Zetawilk Apr 28 2012 @ 00:25

    Mario World 3!? I can't wait for that one to get released!

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