There once was a boy named Joe

  • There once was a boy named Joe

  • Joe married young, lived hard, loved harder, had ten kids, fought a war he didn't believe in and spent decades paying it back in Karma. On his death bed, family gatherered lovingly

  • in the cramped hospital room to pay their respects to this epitome of manhood. Then Dustin saw it--a hinge behind Joe's ear. He opened it and the family saw the circuit boards of

  • a commadore 64 tucked into his cranium. This explained Joe's 64 kbyte memory and his tendency to get stuck in endless loops.

  • Being the $6,000,000 dollar man from the 70s didn't cut it with the modern cyborgs. Most of joints were analog and needed constant oil changes. His telescopic eye wasn't even HD.

  • And on top of it all, inflation and the housing crisis diminished his $ 6,000,000 to a mere $ 60. Not nearly enough to get an Ipad so he could update his antiquated bionic

  • man #1 fan website from the comforts of his own bathroom. Nope, now he'd have to keep going down to the local library and waiting for grandpa and a bunch of 6th graders to get off

  • before he could finally get on the tightly secure library computers with the old, wrinkly, snorting librarian with timid perfume looking over his shoulder the whole time.

  • She had a nose like a beak, which made sense because the librarian was an owl. When her head was turned 180 degrees around, I took my chance accessing the library computers.

  • Concentrating hard on my two finger typing, I didn’t notice when she silently swooped in until her beak slammed down on the off button. Dang it! I’m going to take typing lessons!



  1. Zetawilk Mar 29 2012 @ 03:52

    Give a hoot, read a book.

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