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  • Publishing and Printing at RobinHood Press Inc. is

  • fine. But promoting a website through FoldingStory is a violation of their policy. I welcome RobinHood Press Inc. and rhpinc to this site but spend some time reading the rules. (10

  • that constitutes or contains any form of advertising or solicitation; Exceptions can be made only for Crazy Bananas' escort services and Wildom's monkey smuggling business.

  • Feel like monkeying around? Call Slippery Banana Escort Services today and receive a complimentary sampler of premium Pineapple Express, no questions asked. You'll go bananas when

  • you wake up with no short term memories and all your valuables missing. Go ahead, make the call today, we must be kidding, right?!" I was pretty sure they were kidding and I wanted

  • to call them. They seemed like a friendly, if a bit suspicious lot. As for my missing memories and valuables, I simply must have

  • mislaid them under a rock which is where I put most of the things that bother me. I started to turn over stone after stone until I came across an old memory of The Titanic sinking

  • . I vividly relived the memory, thanks to my former method acting training. Cold, so cold. Wet, so wet. Screaming. Violins playing. Chairs & people hurtling overboard. My memories

  • faded then, as my psycho-therapist brought me out of my hypnosis. I came to, confused & gasping for air. 'What..happened?" I sputtered as he stared gravely at me. "The Titanic

  • is sinking. We'll continue this session another time." "Is this a flashback Doc? Where is DiCaprio? I told you I'm Rose!" But Doc was already gone. This time I was right.



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