Unlike most orphans, may parents were still

  • Unlike most orphans, may parents were still alive and living in a dingbat in Bayoone, New Jersey. Now you might wonder what a dingbat was doing in New Jersey but I'd say you are ri

  • ght. But I am trying to do that by killing less people than the others. I will be more selective in my targets. If my parents got away with it I can only do better. I remind them

  • of that, at least. I am only human, after all. My hands have been stained with blood, but all I can do is wash them, and move onto my next target.

  • I knew that if I completed the list of hits. That they would release the hostages. Fifi, Buttercup, Fluffy and Fido. I couldn't wait to see them all. I moved on to John Hancock's

  • football helmet full of cottage cheese, naked pictures of Bea Arthur, a sweet guitar and an oversized novelty baby bottle. It is as if they are establishing an insanity plea

  • or having a Scavenger hunt on the planet Bluptune. They had displayed their strange and wonderful items on the lawn of the governor's mansion and were soon arrested and put in

  • a big jail in a very big and not so nice jail.They were treated like shit bad food bad guards and a lot of stinky ugly aliens . They got to the canteen where they got served

  • a mysterious smelling orange mush. They pinched their noses and gulped it down out of starvation and fear of the ugly alien guards staring them down. The guards then led them

  • To the orange room where they were to make the same orange mush for sale at grocery stores and they thpugjt of calling it electric kola. The leader of the aliens was a genius.

  • Thus, Tang was born. They probably should have thought through that name a bit more carefully, though.



  1. PurpleProf Jan 24 2017 @ 02:42

    Do y'all remember Tang?

  2. Rebbie Jan 24 2017 @ 12:54

    Yes, definitely a dead give away to my age. Oh the horror! lol I'm ok.

  3. PurpleProf Jan 24 2017 @ 16:27

    So, I looked it up and found that you can still buy Tang online. Not that I would recommend anyone to do that. Back in the 1960s, Tang was a big deal because it represented the powdered orange juice the astronauts took on their Apollo expeditions...so of course, every kid wanted to drink it.

  4. Woab Jan 25 2017 @ 15:31

    Our Mom would only let us drink it when we were on vacation, so I always relate it to fun.

  5. PurpleProf Jan 25 2017 @ 15:35

    That's how it was for us with (then called) "TV Dinners" in aluminum containers. I was a VERY big deal for us to get a Swanson's TV dinner.

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