Strange to say, but even though Hrengor the

  • Strange to say, but even though Hrengor the Beholder was my alt, it felt like we looked at each other when we discover that one of his alts, Arbo the Starmage, played yet another

  • alt as CzsLsys0s d Ptypnu. Hrengor the Beholder ended up with his tongue in his eye when he tried saying her name. She kept repeating it but her pronunciation required a lot of hip

  • which made it pleasant to watch. So we all kept pretending we couldn't say her name so that she had to keep repeating it & swaying her hips. Then Hrengo the Beholder got behind her

  • and beheld the truth. Her real name was Death. We were all being mesmerized by Death. But only Hrengo the Beholder knew but he was just as mesmerized as the rest of us. I noticed

  • my audience at the short story reading hour was nodding off so I decided to go off script and really juice things up. "So then" I yelled "Hrengo the Beholder grabbed Death by the

  • pelvic bone and swung him around until Death pled Hrengo for mercy. But when Betty the Bounteous came bouncing in, Hrengo dropped Death and ran to her." That woke up the audience.

  • "Death to Death!" they chanted. Betty Bounteous and Hrengo tangoed away to a suburb where they stared a sex therapy class. The crowd threw rotten tomatoes and cabbage at death.

  • But Death loved a good salad of course. Rotten items reached him like new, death cabbages tasted fresh. He made a lovely slad with cabage, lettuce, tomtoes, cucumb

  • ers and other items he found in Evette's Compost heap. Hmm.. a bit chewy. What's this? A finger!? Death was disgusted.Vegan cuisine had done wonders for his indigestion & now this!

  • Death quickly regained his composure. He knew better than anyone that things don't always work out as you want them to in life, or existence or whatever it was he was experiencing.



  1. Woab Apr 17 2017 @ 16:57

    Hmm, interesting existential question at the end, clk!

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