Well my knitted afghan condom didn't work

  • Well my knitted afghan condom didn't work because

  • the moon was aligned with Venus when I completed the tip. You were born 9 months later. But now I've knit another afghan condom and I can tell you with absolute certainty that

  • you won't have the same mistake your father did. That's because this afghan condom is knitted with thicker yarn. Yes, and the astrological alignments are much more fortuitous. Sit

  • down and make yourself a cup of tea while I sew myself into the chunky afghan condom. Then I'll draw up our horoscopes and if the planets are correctly aligned then who knows what

  • We shall find. The saturn return at age fifty eight is critical for petso Growth and wellbeing. Ulysses knew that all too well. James Joyce knew him from the bookshop where Alic

  • e "Poppers" Galoshes dealt in jilted nonsequiters and planned randomness.James debased his Pluto cult 1000 page short story, mulching much mulch to mulch mulch

  • his flowery mulch amongst the baggy shore.

  • "That should do it!" he proclaimed. Being stuck on a deserted island wasn't as bad as he first perceived. Cultivating your own food so you don't starve to death is actually fun!

  • He started planting some corn, the seeds of which had been shipwrecked along with him. But he didn't know that native to his uninhabited tropical island was a rare breed of locust,

  • that turned ordinary popcorn into a heavenly treat. Soon, he gained so much weight that the island began to sink. His final humiliation was when the locusts staged an intervention.



  1. SlimWhitman May 12 2016 @ 05:48

    LOLled at the finish, but who says foldingstory can't address pressing issues! -overpopulation - hunger - obesity

  2. Dhanithecat May 12 2016 @ 15:07


  3. benjaminie May 13 2016 @ 12:21

    That ending was that best ending I've ever seen. Really wrapped things up with his obesity problem nicely.

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