as i was sleeping, i dream about soccer star

  • as i was sleeping, i dream about soccer star named neymar which inspires me alot and also will i was dreaming , my brother bit my leg i shout and ........

  • I woke up from my dreams.I looked at the direction of my leg and it wasn't my brother,It was a weird looking creature with almost-sharp teeth...the monster growled...I screamed and

  • i ran out of my room , and i decided to go down the stairs to inform my mother about the weird looking creature, suddenly, i saw the door creaking it suddenly, bursted out

  • of laughter.It was my younger brother who dress up as a fairy.I could not believe he dress up like that.

  • I laugh and laugh until I couldn't breathe then I stop. I realise how ridiculous he look when he dress up as a fairy.

  • My father was different from other fathers, but I love him for that. I knew he wanted to show me that there was nothing to fear, and to have fun. I knew, at that moment, I could

  • sit down and have a beer with him, even though I was only 8 years old. That would be fun, wouldn't it? "Sure!" my father agreed & brought out a 6-pack of Coronas. I had no fears

  • but fear itself. My father was 14. Where had he got the Corona's? I kept my 8-year old mouth shut so I could drink a beer. Of course, we were talking in dog years. That's because

  • My pit bull mix was so fond of the sheepskin rug in the living room.

  • It lay there, sprawled in front of the fire, eyeing me with suspicion. Well i'd like to see him open his own cans of food. No opposable thumbs! The last laugh is mine.



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