They say that in your darkest moments, when

  • They say that in your darkest moments, when all is lost... Something keeps you going, pushes you up no matter how many times you fall. They were right. I just wish they weren't.

  • I looked deep into the steaming abyss. Eddies and swirls of my life were reflected in the blackness. I worked hard, but would it be enough? Would this be the perfect cup of coffee?

  • I closed my eyes and drew the hot fluid onto my palate with some air. Peppery, earthy, then spices, cloves, honey, chocolate, & a vast dark bitterness underneath. I began to sob

  • darkly, bleakly, with no hope of consolation. It reminded me of the last time we killed dear Ragul. He didn't mind some give and take, but we went too far, and the Count's nephew

  • Dragul was a different story. All fangs, nails and hate. Curses and wretchedness flowed through his veins and all he wanted was hot blood and fear-shot eyes in his victims.

  • But what Dragul got was a panda on the veranda, and he wasn't going to let it in the house, either. The banzai bamboo garden on the balcony was just too great a risk. Dragul was

  • seriously considering moving to a place with less wild animals in the back yard. Dragul didn't have anything against pandas, but baboons were dangerous and he knew it.

  • Not as dangerous as that crocogater wandering around the neighborhood that's been eating small children and chipmunks, but those baboons have to go! How should we catch them? OMG

  • I totally warned Pinkie that when Gummy got bigger there was going to be trouble. Now ponies are disappearing left and right. But we need him to sic on those awful, mean baboons.

  • The letter to Princess Celestria read later: "Dear Princess. Today I learned not to poke an angry baboon with a stick. They get even madder when HEY LEMME GO AARGHH!"



  1. Zetawilk Sep 20 2012 @ 15:56

    Epilogue: "Funny," their monarch thought. "Why would she bother to write, 'Aarghh'? She should have just gone and said it."

  2. KieferSkunk Sep 20 2012 @ 16:03

    @GreenBanana: Oh shut up and go change your armor!

  3. Zetawilk Sep 20 2012 @ 16:08

    I done it again!

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