The miserable British rain ambled down my

  • The miserable British rain ambled down my window pane without enthusiasm. As I looked out onto the street, an ambulance whizzed past, shrieking at the top of it's voice. "Damn,

  • my baby was nearly asleep!" yelled a chubby pear-shaped woman, waddling through the rain with a pram. Just as the ambulance sirens faded, I could hear the crying baby. I took a sip

  • from the sippy cup I had just yanked out of her baby's fat fingers & realized that this was likely the reason he was bawling. But seriously, what kind of mother gives her baby gin?

  • I thought about this while drinking the rest of the gin out of the sippy cup. That's when it hit me like a ton of bricks--the baby's diaper was dirty. All I had was a wet wipe and

  • pink comb found on a sidewalk in a 1983 San Diego down by the railroad tracks just off downtown where there now stands a Spaghetti Factory with valet parking. Not back then though.

  • Back then you could count on combs to be black, just black. None of these fancy-pants comb colors we have now. Raymond pulled up his bootstraps and entered the Time Machine

  • As scheduled. Dr. Who was to meet him in 1929. They arrived on Wall Street the moment the stock market crashed and people jumped out of windows. Raymond was struck by the feeling

  • of love. The Doctor looked beautiful in the cold morning air. As civilians screamed and ran around haphazardly, the Doctor's long, luxurious hair flowed in the wind and Raymond

  • sighed. The chaos...the destruction...all this crumbling beauty and terror unfolded and melted before their eyes. There was nowhere else that the Doctor or Raymond would rather be.

  • The problem was this: Raymond was called upon by an unknown deity to cross the residues of the despair and find peace without the Doctor. Knowing this, the doctor



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