'This is NOT a book' it said on the cover.

  • 'This is NOT a book' it said on the cover. He turned it (book?) around in his hands and thought:'if this is NOT a book, then what is it?' He tried to open it, but the cover seemed

  • to not be a cover. He tried to turn the NotBook over but it just slipped in his hands. He couldn't get a firm grip on it, yet he was holding it. He looked again. This is NOT a book

  • It was Apple's next big hit. The NotBook was two-dimensional, invisible edge on & weighed nothing.The whole thin sheet was an integrated circuit. He scratched the surface & sniffed

  • his hand.There were traces of metallic ions, but nothing that his nutrient-dense diet wouldn't account for. The Apple NotBook sent him into a panic with its perhaps overly minimal

  • keyboard. The Apple Notebook just had 1 key. It was alabaster white. Whatever letter was on the key was also white. It was so white that it burned his retina. He had to wear weldin

  • g goggles to use it. The Apple Notebook's one key knew by telepathic osmosis the words you wanted to type. Never anything rude or miserable, only happy Apple-sanctioned thoughts

  • ordained by St. Steve Jobs Himself from beyond His grave. And by "rude or miserable," we mean the Apple Notebook censors all expressions of discontent or alternative interests. Not

  • that it stopped the people who jailbroke theirs, but they were heathens to the Applehood. St. Steve Jobs then ascended again, having fulfilled his purpose. The Apple Notebook would

  • be our salvation. "The Lord is my IPad. I shall not DOS. Tho I wander through the Silicon Valley of Doubt, I shall fear no Google. For thine is the Surface, and the Tablet, and

  • ... Ok, I think that's enough sucking up. Now please turn on. I pressed the ON button expectantly and...nothing. Great now I'm going to have to start the chant all over again.



  1. SlimWhitman Aug 28 2015 @ 17:52

    Chant of the Notbook. LOL

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