When it came to the women's ski jumping world

  • When it came to the women's ski jumping world championships nobody expected Mobitu from the Democratic Republic of Congo to even qualify. Mobitu had an indoor ski jump at her home

  • in Malibu & a 2nd indoor jump in Bermuda. Her father,an ex general who'd seen "Cool Runnings" spared no expense so his expat daugher Mobitu could win gold in the ski jump for Congo

  • . First, her father needed to get snow. He called folks in Dubai to get a snow maker. His daughter would be the ski jump olympic gold winner for congo. The Arab Business man

  • Said come to Chicago instead. The grammophone played "Connected" by the Stereo MCs when the writing appeared on the wall. It read something like "go where the snow falls!".

  • That meant the mission had been compromised. They were to go to ground and eventually make their way to a safehouse. But this early in the mission caught them in Ohio with snow fal

  • -ling so heavy you'd think they were in Frostbite Falls, Minnesota. Here, the gang of Canadian refugees sampled an amusing domestic chablis of Ohio known as Hoop-de-Haw. It sucked.

  • But being Canadian, the refugees didn't know from wine, and drank up all of the Hoop-de-Haw chablis in the state of Ohio, leaving a trail of moose antlers and broken hearts.

  • With the hangover ended; after examining dirty holes they climbed in and out of; after being explaining why they started drinking in the first place, they left Ohio and returned

  • to South Carolina where it seemed all Ohioans eventually returned. There were plenty of watering holes on Hilton Head Island, where they gathered each night, plotting their next

  • shot at uncovering the American Dream, the get-rich-quick-schemes, the big city jaunts, the pickpocketing, and five-finger-discount years of their gypsy youth. Those were the days!



  1. MadWorld Jun 12 2019 @ 23:56

    This is an immigration story with a happy ending...isn't it?

  2. inatick Jun 30 2019 @ 03:28

    Yes I think so. It is deep when you think about it like that.

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