I think he was in love with her.

  • I think he was in love with her.

  • Maybe it was all the hearts that he drew on the dry erase board of her dorm room or maybe it was the fake Danish acccent he spoke when she was near. Her love for him was different.

  • ..because, frankly, *he* was different. "Why do you love me?" he asked her one afternoon. "Because you're...different," she whispered & kissed the tip of his nose. He'd never

  • been kissed on the tip of his nose before. Only on the bottom of his nose, but not the tip. "That's enough!" he said to her. She then took out a piece of bread from her pocket.

  • He wiped his nose and watched in horror as she ate it right in front of him- that piece of bread that had been in her pocket all day without even a baggie around it or anything.

  • She must have read the distaste in his expression but offered little more than a small shrug and shy smile. She was hungry, twas a simple as that to her...

  • as she slammed her small face into the spicy chili prepared by her grandmother. She gulped it down like a wild, crazed wildebeest. She looked up and he was staring at her like. . .

  • like a beast. An humanoid wolf was looking at her with a wide pearly grin. Something wet hit the planks of the floor as he started growling. She pushed the bowl in his direction

  • but it was out and without an opposable thumb it was unable to spark it on it's own. As much as the humanoid wolf hated Bogarts she couldn't call her on it because he needed her to

  • finish this with him. If he did it alone it wouldn't work, he needed her. Not to mention he had to find out if his theory was true, that she's secretley a snake demon who eats tea.



  1. Woab Oct 25 2018 @ 18:07

    ...and who doesn't love a snake demon who eats tea?

  2. SlimWhitman Oct 30 2018 @ 05:38

    This ones... different.

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