Lobsterman and Godzilla went, for the first

  • Lobsterman and Godzilla went, for the first time, to the nearest Whole Foods in search of good, healthy food. In the produce department, they looked around like tourists. They were

  • Taking pictures with the local shoppers and admiringthe vast collection of novelty reusable bags. Lobsterman and Godzilla ended up getting 50 dollars worth of kale and kale accesso

  • Ries at the market green grocer. So locked in their own world were Lobsterman and Godzilla that the did not notice the Farmer's Market only 1 green grocer when a town of this size

  • merited at least 47 green grocers. But nothing really mattered to Lobsterman and Godzilla, only that they were together. Godzilla looked longingly into Lobsterman's eye stalks and

  • let out an achingly forlorn cry as only Godzilla could. Lobsterman leaned his head against Godzilla's craggy, radioactive chest. "Your love is the clarified butter beneath my shell

  • which cooks me in its greasy warmth." Godzilla looked puzzled. "What are you trying to say Lobsterman my love?" "That I'm lactose intolerant you glowy ape!" Godzilla buzzed slightl

  • y. It was a sign of mild irritation, which would soon erupt into one of those full blown tantrums Lobsterman found so arousing. He nipped Godzy on the tail with his smaller pincer

  • and he shrieked in his Godzy way. "Why, Lobsterman? Just.. Why. Is it just in your nature to do this or do you genuinely dislike me that much?"

  • Lobsterman thought a moment, scratching his head with a claw. “No, I guess I don’t dislike you THAT much,” he said. “Actually, I dislike you MORE than that!” He lunged at Godzy,

  • his huge claws clacking. Godzy deflected the first swipe, but Lobsterman followed through and clamped his claw around Godzy's neck like a vice. Godzy's windpipe was soon crushed.



  1. Woab Apr 23 2018 @ 12:55

    It was a love-hate relationship.

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