It took me a moment to wrap this newly received

  • It took me a moment to wrap this newly received information around my brain, when suddenly I noticed the ground shake. The world I know won"t be the same after this. So I

  • turned into a gummi bear and laughed a sinister laugh.

  • The gummy bear started to move. It instantly jumped. what was behind it? A ghost? I dontt think so, Im pretty sure its Angela creeping up behind the gummy bear to eat it. Anegla is

  • a diabetic in need of a sugar fix and eating the gummy bear would potentially be a matter of life or death. Unfortunately, Angela started to consider the feelings of the gummy bear

  • . His smooth green brow seemed to look at her as if to say, "I'm just a defenseless little gummy bear. Please don't chew me." In Angela's glycemic trance he grew until he was

  • the universe and she was falling towards him, absorbed, but really absorbing, in long glutinous chewing movements. Angela exited the trance state into the next which was Altered.

  • As though she was born again, seared by the newness of raw air and light, Angela felt to scream, to deny the change. The conditions for Altered were as follows: 1)

  • Do not talk about the Altered. 2) Do NOT talk about the Altered. The rules were simple enough and the forfeit for breaking them severe, yet Angela's delight in her new form was

  • So transformative that she could' t help but tell someone about...Well, you know. Angela called her mother in Des Moines and talked at length about...the A-L-T-E-R-E-D.

  • As Angela recited the letters, her mother was transformed into a giant leech. She mentally latched onto her daughter and refused to let go. Things hadn't much changed after all.



  1. Noahisi Nov 03 2015 @ 20:06

    That gummi bear was life changing XD

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