My career really began back when I was in

  • My career really began back when I was in Space Cadets. Sure, most of the hard work came later - it involved washing the hulls of space freighters and checking fuel lines.

  • Inside the space freighters lurked a lot of creatures I made my friends. One was Ziggy Stardust, who was at the time a traveller inside the famous time travel machine. Push the

  • button "I feel lucky" and land in some future or past made from our most fearful wishes, and our stupidest mistakes. Ziggy I counted as a friend. The time machines next destination

  • was Paris at midnight, August 1997. "The Ritz Hotel!" I showed Ziggy. An elegant lady with short hair next to a Mercedes Benz offered us a ride. "I'm Di. Henri will be here shortly

  • ." Then I realized that sentence made NO sense whatsoever. So I asked, "Can you please say that... more better?", I soon realized my mistake with my wording. "Nononono, sorry I

  • discombobulated myself all over again but without panache for a change." The room was quiet but I could still hear the wide eyes looking at each other for confirmation what they

  • wanted to know was, who stole the chicken. Cluck Cluck was gone! The crowd secretly eyeball me with accusations of chick theft in their heart but, in fact it was Woab who

  • had stolen Cluck Cluck and ran away with her to Puerto Rico for some sort of lesbian/avian honeymoon. But Cluck Cluck escaped Woab's demented clutches and ran to the arms of Rebbie

  • McKeester, the United Kingdom's foremost expert on the Puerto Rican lesbian/avian honeymoon ritual of the European Cluck Cluck, After careful study, Rebbie McKeester told Woab to

  • Contact Mckeester and tell him he wasn't an expert until he attended one of he and Debbie's parties as they were quite ritualistic and exclusive.



  1. pinky Mar 29 2017 @ 02:04

    Oops, my fingers were sleep walking again, I hate it when they do that, sigh...

  2. IceSquad Mar 29 2017 @ 02:32

    Henri was the driver on that fateful ride. R.I.P, Lady Di!

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