"Your mission: go back in time and terminate

  • "Your mission: go back in time and terminate the Extremist Hipster Movement before it gains momentum and takes over the world." I had woken up in 2012, but it seemed to be too late

  • to resolve the matter in a peaceful and diplomatic manor. I was doomed to be the 5th millenium terrorist. I chose The Church of the Hipster, or Starbucks as they called it in 2012

  • The Church of the Hipster was well-built and attractive - a genuinely peaceful manor, built in the manner of early 21st Century coffee stores. Not a place for a terrorist like me

  • -l brooks. Mel had become a terrorist ever since Men in Tights. But he wasn't the hard bitten, desperate, suicidal terrorist, he was plump, jolly and hated stress.

  • He also seemed to hate humor, given the awkward silences that fall during his movies. Unless there's a raver in the audience. I don't get why ravers love Mel Brooks so much. Maybe

  • There was a hidden motive!

  • It was hidden in plain sight, in fold number 5. I guess you missed it. My suggestion: reread folds, noting the main players and plot line, then you might guess the motive.

  • "Yes Yes. I see." he muttered. "There's only one reason a person would do such a thiing." he said as he looked over the folds. "Bram! Tell them why already!" exclaimed Howard.

  • Brian faltered, reluctant to offer a motive for another's lunacies. Softly, he said: "Had you READ my fold, Howard, not just blindly liked it, you'd know I already told them why."

  • But Howard wasn't listening. He was just blithely liking every fold, willy-nilly. It proved to be his end, you know. Howard's end. And the end of this story. Howard, you fink.



  1. IceSquad Aug 14 2017 @ 15:04

    *Bram. Should heed my own advice.

  2. SlimWhitman Aug 14 2017 @ 16:27

    Well, it's a funny mistake in the context - the story kept developing - i liked it.

  3. m80 Aug 18 2017 @ 22:31

    Good fold, Slim, and good save.

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