I saw a hungry zombie come in the streets

  • I saw a hungry zombie come in the streets with a guitar as he was singing a song and playing with his guitar at the same time, killing the humans and consuming them,i was .........

  • amazed, frankly, that the zombie bluesman still had the brains to remember the words. I stopped running from the horde long enough to watch him play a tune on the guitar.

  • It was strangely the highlight of my life, watching that zombie bluesman play the guitar and sing that song. Many partook of my brains soon after, and I hope the song lingered in

  • their stomachs. I floated above it all. Too much of my brain was gone to become a zombie. I became a specter. I haunted any that tried to stop the music of the zombie bluesman.

  • Once, when Mama Gumba tried to steal the zombie bluesman's guitar I turned myself into a ghostly harmonica and tangled myself into her hair until she went crazy and jumped into

  • the ocean blue to float to Peru to travel by gnu to see Maya Angelou. She complained to Mama Gumba that she hadn't been invited to recite poetry at the latest inauguration even tho

  • ugh that hoe Jo Harjo was! Mama Gumba did a magic rumba numba that bewitched the Selection committee so Maya topped the list. Maya slammed Nerida's Machu Pichu with this rap:

  • Uuuunnnnn…yeahhhhhhh…all youse Peruvian hoes be like…uuunnnn…I wish I had an Oscar Mayer foot-long…yeahhhhh…all beef foie gras…uuuunnnn…like she begun the morning glory...yeahhhhh…

  • which, translated into Street Jargon, means: (orgasmic grunt) (orgasmic shrill) all the hot women from Peru say (OG) I think he's all that (OS) and a bag of chips (OG) she wants to

  • micturate goldenly (OG, OS, OG, OS, OMG) all over this cheeto with little hands (OS) if it means their contractor dads (-(OG+OS)) get paid to build a wall. (OOOOO) (cigarette).



  1. Jimbeau Mar 16 2017 @ 10:34

    Futique...lol...is this your OAT? Orgasmic Algebraic Theorem?

  2. Woab Mar 16 2017 @ 16:17

    Rebbie: the song lingered in their stomachs! Brilliant!

  3. Rebbie Mar 16 2017 @ 16:21

    Lol, Thanks!

  4. BlastedHeath Mar 16 2017 @ 19:30

    Heheh ... nice!

  5. LordVacuity Mar 17 2017 @ 01:17

    Just sowing my OATs.

  6. BlastedHeath Mar 17 2017 @ 21:16

    "It lingered in their stomachs ... like some haunting melody."

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