I had a sneaking suspicion that registering

  • I had a sneaking suspicion that registering my name and address with the BMV might alert someone to my location so I preferred to remain anonymous. This was potentially

  • a huge mistake. I have gone this far, and I can not blow it now, what will the BMV do with this information? If I change this I.P address to a far away country, it may buy me

  • some time before they find me,but I know they will...sooner or later.And then,what will I do if they jump to the conclusion that I killed all those people?

  • My imagination is running wild. Or, is this my intuition warning me? I must find a way to survive. To fail at this is not acceptable . Asylum? No, too risky. I need to

  • get a grip. What's real? What's not? What's to fear? Am I crazy? Breath..breath slowly, calm down, this can be controlled. Now, what's my best, my safest move to

  • get past these needless questions and move on? Oprah! It was her 25th and final season, so I watched more than usual. I had the DVR programmed today because her guest was

  • that guy from Mott the Hoople. My dad wanted to watch it later, but he never made it home because of that thing at the Dunkin Donuts. Man, I can hardly believe

  • how many cake donuts fit on daddy's

  • shaft before he got the club head replaced down at the pro shop. He wasn't too happy with the grease stain on his Big Bertha but the next time he teed off with it

  • the ball dropped right at the spot he pictured in his mind. Damn, he was good. There were the usual jokes about greasing his shaft, but they paid up. He bought the first round.



  1. 49erFaithful Feb 22 2011 @ 18:07

    Gotta hand it to MoralEnd. That one took some thought.

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