During the school holidays Uncle Benny took

  • During the school holidays Uncle Benny took his nephews and nieces to Pissweak World. At Pissweak world the attractions consisted of

  • garbage tossing, couch bouncing, and fly blasting. Uncle Benny had this pneumatic mini-air gun and if you caught a fly just right you could blast it into smithereens. One Easter

  • Egg was painted so badly someone that it was a fat woman's ear ring. Uncle Benny took that ugly Easter egg and put it in the pneumatic mini-air gun. Result: law suit.

  • And who did they call? That's right, Saul. Saul Goodman. That's me. Usually I do defense, but I know a good (lucrative) case when I smell it. And Uncle Benny's wanton Easter egg

  • crafting company wasn't eggsactly all it was cracked up to be. Benny had shelled out a lot of money for it, too. Such a shame. Another reason I, Saul Goodman, went into law was

  • to assist cracked-up characters. My shrink called it the Humpty Dumpty Complex. "Benny," I (Saul Goodman) said, "As your lawyer, I advise you give up this half-baked plan. Pieces

  • of you running down the sidewalk with the drug kings lackeys scraping you off the wall. Picture it? You listen to ole' Saul. A good egg like you needs witness protection.

  • The blue light cameras will catch you regardless. That's why nobody talks about politics in public like they used to. The truth police are everywhere. They make me nervous at times

  • Sometimes you can see them, patrolling your area. But sometimes they're hidden in the shadows, in the dark alleyways, and that's when you need to watch your back. They'll get you.

  • But I decided to fight back. Me, they will never.... oh shi...



  1. SlimWhitman May 10 2016 @ 17:37

    Lost the Dumpty this time, but there're plenty of stories of Benedicts escapades on Foldingstory...

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