Amy, being a junior cartographer, mapped

  • Amy, being a junior cartographer, mapped out the house in crayon. She'd never been in her parents' room, but she'd heard impassioned screaming. "Here be dragons!" she scribbled

  • Amy's brother said their parents kept a stockpile of strange items in their closet, like a dragon hoards its treasure. During her house-mapping project, Amy decided to have a look

  • at Paula Deen’s empire as it began crumbling. Then Amy thought, "You know, maybe I should take a nap." Amy's brother was on the couch already so she

  • collapsed into the recliner instead. Although she was exhausted, the chair was a bit lopsided, and no matter how she contorted herself, she could not get comfortable. She needed

  • yoga lessons or a wrench. She opted for the latter and soon the recliner was in optimum shape, with upgrades that manifested itself in the process. She couldn't help adding

  • a convertible top to the recliner, although she had no plans to use it outside. However, with the top installed, she decided adding a gasoline engine to the chair might be neat.

  • So once they put the engine in the recliner, nothing goes better with that, they added a fully stocked wet bar. That way you could be knocking back a Harvey Wallbanger while drivin

  • g down to the Wally World in your house coat and bunny slippers. When Rufus from next door heard about that idea he laughed and said, "Don't forget the TV" and that got added to th

  • e 2nd ottoman/ice bucket/front tire. The outhouse was another idea from Rufus. When Dooly tried to give us a citation he discovered the County Judge was using my recliner's outhous

  • -e feature, which saved steps to the bathroom. The County Judge was irate and sentenced Dooly to 10 days in the cooler with Rufus and no reclining toilet. They wept with shame.



  1. SlimWhitman Mar 01 2018 @ 19:53

    This is an original - though there are some funny videos out there of people motoring on open roadway in retrofitted recliners, the outhouse idea - just impeccably astute thinking there.

  2. seinundzeit Mar 01 2018 @ 20:09

    Yeah, I don't know why Rufus got locked up as well.

  3. Woab Mar 02 2018 @ 16:21

    Justice isn't always fair. And I don't always know what the heck I'm writing.

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