I first read Atlas Shrugged when I was a

  • I first read Atlas Shrugged when I was a depressed teen, oppressed by the mere existence of my parental units. Who could have predicted that I'd grow up to lead

  • The Nazi's second attempt at a succesful holocaust when I was only 22! We charged Poland, and battle ensued. But for some reason,

  • everyone thought the we were dicks! The victors truly get to write the history. Since when is the attempted total destruction of a people a bad thing? I think God tried it once!

  • These people would never understand that the Renaissance would never have happened without the Plague. I rolled my eyes as they wheeled me into the sanitarium for

  • daily display of indignant know-it-allism. They wheel me in a handtruck and force eeveryone to sit in elementary school chairs. Then they removed my mask and

  • I Hannibal the lecturer, began my speech on social responsibility. The visual effects, tied to the hand-truck and the Hannibal mask hanging from my neck earned big bucks. Crass but

  • effective. As the money rolled in, I received an offer to adapt my social responsibility lectures into a book, and I accepted. However, I had to replace the visual effects with

  • textures like "Pat the Bunny." People could feel the wooliness of confused thinking, the slickness of a clean soul and the pricklyness of a harsh diatribe. Colleges used it for

  • revitalizing the sagging humanities programs.When the graduates couldn't get jobs they protested. The discontent touchy-felly generation led to the Texture wars of the late 22nd

  • century. By then we didn't know if we were floating in vats or mists in the ether. Naturally I preferred burlap and hard chairs, but did feel some pity for the satin-bwankie peeps.



  1. SlimWhitman Jan 06 2012 @ 14:06

    Nice one!

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