Stop me if you heard this one. Three guys

  • Stop me if you heard this one. Three guys walk into a bar. No, two guys. And one has a limp. Oh, yeah, he's a priest. Then the bartender -- she's a lesbian -- says

  • she wants to move in with her new girlfriend. The Priest says, "Sister O'Connell you aren't supposed to say those things." But the Nun slapped the man of god and

  • grabbed his hip flask and cigarettes saying "Shame on you Father Squamous, I'll just keep these" Father Squamous was well known for his squeamish wishy-washy ways; always reversing

  • his moral judgment. His sermon should have been a give-away, "Thou should doest as I sayest, not verily as I doest." Father Squamous was led away in handcuffs. His bookie joint

  • was converted back into a bingo hall, where geriatric gamblers & bespectacled speculators tried to win big with four in a row. Father Squamous was behind bars but the collection

  • was being kept safe until the day Squamous was released from prison. Besides, the money being made from the bingo hall was more then enough to pay for his lawyers, the gamblers

  • , and the alimony that would be paid to his third wife. Squamous looked forward to being out of his cell again. He wanted to play bingo again assuming it was still played.

  • He would never know, because that night he was killed by Ninjas. I bet you're wondering why? Well I'll tell you. One day in late September 1976, Squamous went to a Japanese market

  • and interrupted their seppuku bunraku. Back then, Squamous was often drunk and yelling (sort of like he was the day he was killed by ninja), and offended the Japanse performers.

  • Customary of their culture, however, the kind Japanese performers simply nodded & smiled at Squamous...right before they impaled him again. Oh sure. Squamous will return. No doubt.



  1. SlimWhitman Jun 05 2013 @ 05:45

    @BC: seppuku bunraku...LOL.

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