Hundreds of English professors are mad at

  • Hundreds of English professors are mad at me for my guaranteed get-rich secret from publishing on FoldingStory! Call my toll-free number to find out how! As I write this from my

  • Beverly Hills mansion, I have contracts for a Det. Manatee film series & two prime time TV shows "The Zombie Zone" & "Fairy Tales for Adults". FoldingStory! can make you a milliona

  • -ire!" flashed the banner ad. Niles clicked on the ad. A giant sucking exploded in his ears. His monitor turned into a porthole. Niles fell into it until he was in Foldingstory Lan

  • -d. And he found himself reading a giant banner with white big letters that said "for the eternally doomed of spirit" Suits me right- he thought. But as soon as Niles began to writ

  • he, well Niles would call it dancing, he started in again with the bartender, who he was sure was watering down the drinks. DOOMED BAR was not turning out as cool as

  • he thought it would be, given its name. He literally felt impending doom surrounding him. First the bartender and now (looking around) it seemed everyone in the place was looking

  • up. He stared at them & wondered, Why are they all looking up? It didn't sink in quick enough though. Just as he started to glance up, a grand piano fell and squashed him into the

  • table full of watermelons. Luckily, they broke his fall (he also broke several of them with his head) so he could escape. The next thing he knew, he was curled up in some

  • pyjamas, watching the traffic race by, inches from his face, as he lay helpless by the side of the road. Several hours seemed to have passed and yet, he could neither recall, nor

  • put together all the pieces. There was some glitter & that kangaroo costume, but everything was fuzzy. Next time I need to take the blue pill, bc the red one is a real bitch. Ouch.



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