Awakening to the noise of water dripping

  • Awakening to the noise of water dripping from the leaking stone ceiling, I observed my present environment. The throbbing pain of a bruise upon my temple disoriented my judgement,

  • and obscured my vision. This seemed to be the crypt beneath my castle, but where were my guards? What of the Toad?

  • I made my way to the crypt and found the corpses of all my guards, each sitting side-by-side. I made my way deeper into the crypt and found a decapitated head on a pike. I quickly

  • took the chin of the head between my thumb and forefinger. "What do you think of it so far?" I asked the head. "Rubbish!" I replied on it's behalf, waggling the jaw up and down.

  • Then the head bit my finger. I recoiled in horror. The head's eyes looked into mind. It cackled. "Thought I was dead Jacky-boy?" Then his eyes started swirling in the sockets

  • . I saw a cherry and a lemon rotate passed, then a four leafed clover and a diamond and finally the orbs stopped rotating with two snakes. A cobra shot out of the skulls mouth

  • and suddenly lights flashed, bells rang, and coins literally poured out of the slot machine while the old lady in polyester pants sitting next to me swooned in disbelief. I won

  • because I had a system and I stuck to it. Max bet every time; tap twice on the cherries for luck; 1 coffee every 2 hours; stay positive and visualize the jackpot. Be the jackpot.

  • And you know what, it worked - all because of my Jackpot Hat made from solid gold sovereigns, silver cherries & beryl bananas. Today I woke up, reached for my hat &... it was gone

  • Who took my lucky hat? Only someone who knew were it was and could read my every thought. Hmm.... Someone like... YOU! Yes, YOU! YOU STOLE my HAT and I WANT IT BACK! ... (please?)



  1. PurpleProf Jun 28 2013 @ 23:41

    What of the Toad?! :)

  2. PurpleProf Jun 28 2013 @ 23:45

    Soooooooo funnnnnyyyyyy!!!

  3. ValkyrieGrrl Jul 03 2018 @ 06:32

    So, being still wet behind the ears here, I'm gonna ask a stupid question- it this "What Of the Toad" thing a real phenomenon here or am I just imagining it? If so, I dig it the most. Too groovy. Are there any rules or applied suggestions with said "WOTT"? Like, you can only summon it in the first three folds....or if the fold before yours mentions "WOTT" you must mention it in your fold....or something like that? And are there any other insider secret words or "games" like that that a kind soul might be willing to let me in on? Or do I have to answer me these questions three etc, to the Gatekeeper? I'll happily do it!

  4. SlimWhitman Jul 04 2018 @ 18:13

    "What of the Toad?" You ask? It is a mystery since it's appearance here - an enigma in a deep well, which calls back when one asks "What of the Toad?"

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