Wary of the too-clever-by-half rhyming device

  • Wary of the too-clever-by-half rhyming device in starting new folding stories,

  • I drifted into unintended derision, aimed squarely at the person who might next inhabit the role of storyteller. Luckily, he felt no resistance toward such compunction and cast.

  • And then the soul of Rush Limbaugh inhabited the story-teller's body. He stood up and the fire flashed horrid shadows across his face and he said,

  • "Though shall come to see Jesus as a snake, and the snake as the staff of wicthcraft and medicine." Suddenly a pill bottle spilled to the floor and the heart attack began. "Oh joy!

  • What a good time for his heart to stop, I can insert myself into his brain stem and finally have a host." My thorax disgorged my long sticky

  • proboscis into his nostril and I injected my pod into is olfactory lobe. Not long after I had control of his sympathetic nervous system and could control the skeletal muscles.

  • I made him dance around like a marionette and run into things, helpless against the engineered chemical onslaught I had unleashed on his brain. He resisted, feebly at first, but

  • he then stopped, because the puny human could not withstand the power of the mind control. i had him and couple of other Walmart shoppers reenact the "thriller" music video.

  • It became the rage on YouTube. Soon mind-control flash-mobs surged thoughout America. The most popular was the House Ways and Means Committee doing the Macarena. The G5 summit was

  • was right out of right mindedness.G5 couldn't conduct business as usual.YouTube showed mobs infiltrating their meeting.Left side minds were not welcome. Enough rationalization!



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