"Remember, there is always something that

  • "Remember, there is always something that is quicker that you are." Merlin continued like that for a bit before he realized that Arthur had ditched him long ago. He stopped and

  • "Little quip!" Merlin cursed. But Arthur was off chasing toads and playing with water bugs. Merlin had had enough it was time to teach you Arthur a lesson. Alacazam! Arthur was now

  • a full inch shorter than before. "Take that!" said Merlin, but Arthur didn't mind at all, if fact he was happy because it brought him closer to his beloved pond creatures. "Look

  • Merlin, that Barracuda's smiling at me! Make me even smaller so I can talk to him!" Merlin sighed, and waved his wand. But instead of making him smaller, Arthur was transformed

  • into a 1965 Plymouth Barracuda. "Vroom, vroom," said Arthur as he drove into the water and crushed the fish. Then he turned to Merlin and honked his horn. Merlin could not

  • for his own sake make any sense out of horn honking underwater. The only animal that sounds like a horn honking is a sea lion, Merlin thought, why would Arthur want those horny bas

  • tions of moral fortitude any where near himself. Unless he was trying to scare it off. That made more sense. Then Arthur surfaced with my mother, the car, beside him. Merlin looked

  • pleased with himself. He was sitting behind the wheels of a Fata Morgana. My mother was now a Rolls and Arthur turned out to be a very courteous chauffeur. Merlin drove off in a

  • huge, heavily armored dragon wagon. He waved his gnarly wand and the thing whooshed by them. Arthur put the pedal to the metal, much to Mother's chagrin. "Arthur, slow down!"

  • Immediately Arthur slowed down, as he always obeyed Mother. Arthur watched the thing speed off into the distance, once again feeling sick & limited by his Oedipal Complex.



  1. PurpleProf Jul 29 2017 @ 23:03

    A stranger than normal FoldingStory...

  2. Woab Jul 31 2017 @ 11:39

    PurpleProf, I almost read your comment as "stranger than necessary". I like this one a lot, especially with Futique's mention of speed in line 1 echoed in foldmeonce's line 9. Yes, I think it is exactly as strange as necessary.

  3. LordVacuity Aug 01 2017 @ 18:59

    Is it any surprise that we seem to have mashed up Excalibur and The Sword in the Stone?

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