As he looked at the dozens of horribly mutilated

  • As he looked at the dozens of horribly mutilated unicorns laying around, general Alcazar realized his birthday party had gone terribly wrong. "How is this even possible ?"

  • It had to be the work of the Dark Mage, Manghol. General Alcazar directed for proper burials, but what would Manghol do with so many unicorn horns? They were useless without enough

  • Beef jerky for breakfast. The dogs ate that now, because the humans' teeth had rotted from the texture of the 2015 made product in 2163 and lost their teeth. The dogs loved it and

  • they also loved doing math because dogs had evolved a lot by 2163. All day they sat around in their evening wear, eating beef jerky, doing math proofs and discussing philosophy.

  • "I've had to put down my human, you know," said a Saluki in a Brooks Brothers tux, puffing lustily on an Aristoff. "Got tired of filling his bowl with caviar and cleaning his poop.

  • I'm afraid I've gotten a tad flabby though," added the Saluki in the fancy suit, "now that I no longer have to take my human for walkies." "Shame about the euthanasia, though," sai

  • luki lamented. My human trusted me now he is just a faded memory. "This leaves me with tons of guilt and acid reflux from it. Saluki burped up a bit of vomit in the back of his mou

  • th. He swallowed it back down. Tasty. Saluki took a moment to clear his soul of guilt for something he couldn't remember anyway. My human? No such animal. Never will. Ownership is

  • futile, even if it is nine-tenths of the law. But Saluki still felt guilty, and still could not remember. He rinsed his mouth with some water, and focused. Nope, nothing. "Move on,

  • move on and forget," he said to himself. But he never found the peace he wanted with forgetting and instead developed chronic athazagoraphobia and moved to Dundee.



  1. LordVacuity Sep 16 2017 @ 06:28

    I stayed at the King's Quay in Dundee for three weeks. I got drunk in the pub downstairs and argued Arthurian legends with a mother's milked weaned Scotsman and could only really understand the Irish lass working in place of the Guy from Barcelona.

  2. LordVacuity Sep 16 2017 @ 06:32

    I spent days with a wonderful big breasted red head from Philly who made me, for once, hope against the sanctity of marital vows. I never got to test my limits because she knew hers. But I still can feel the question, even now.

  3. lucielucie Sep 16 2017 @ 09:29

    You make Dundee sound much more wildly romantic than I remember it, Futique : )

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