He punched a baby

  • He punched a baby

  • square in the diaper. The shitstorm that ensued was enough to drive everyone from the room. Those lucky enough to avoid the diarrhea couldn't escape the smell. It lingered like

  • senior citizens at an all you can eat cafeteria. The cleanup was a lot like that too. Lots of swabbing and cursing and wondering what god had done to punish you. A diaper like

  • underalls would work wonders in this place. The lot of them had diarrhea. We'd clam up when the boss showed up. The fake horns and pitch fork were passeé but

  • the blood red makeup he had smeared over his face and hands was just wrong. I mean this was the CBAA Color Blind Alcoholic Anonymous meeting. Most of the attendees thought

  • it stood for Canadian Broadcasters' Annual Assembly, so they were quite confused when 3 neck-bearded hobos stumbled in holding brown paper bags and smelling of whiskey.

  • The Crunk Bitches' A-List Adults meeting had been meeting next door, so it was really just a recipe for confusion. These must have been some of the fathers of the

  • Church of future Angelic Visionary mediums. Or something like that. They didn't mix well with the Crunk Bitches, who had satanic tendencies. They claimed Lucifer was just the advo

  • -cado of pure wisdom, but while the Devil was the embodiment of enlightenment, He just didn't jive with the Crunk Bitches' whole style. Satan wanted to be left to His retirement.

  • So he set forth the Apocalypse and destroyed anyone who would keep him from his retirement.



  1. Zetawilk Feb 07 2012 @ 07:22

    Which is a whole other story.

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