His life was a simmering stew of chainsaws,

  • His life was a simmering stew of chainsaws, beef jerky and wrong answers. That's why he was so happy when

  • he randomly lit on fire and died. We all mourned him at his funeral, he was a man of many

  • talents but the most amazing one was his phoenix impression. He rose from his own ashes, a smoldering spire of cinders erupted from his urn as the priest read the last rites

  • which really pissed him off as he was a Buddhist. Once he had calmed everyone down and called an ambulance for his elderly mother, he got to work tackling crime in broad daylight.

  • In his saffron robes and domino mask he became the first Buddhist superhero. He would approach robbers and advise them not to take too much, just the right amount. His sidekick,

  • Shambalabala, grinned toothily."You tell 'em, Buddy," he said softly with just the right amount of softness. SuperBuddy spun his prayer wheel while the robbers watched, mesmorized

  • by the spinning gold & the chanting words of SuperBuddy. "May the robbers present here regret their actions & alter their evils ways. May they instead find good jobs & peace beyond

  • a reasonable amount, and a place to hang their hat, and a hat they like enough to actually wear, and friends who do not make fun of their hat, and a hobby collecting things that

  • Make a shoebox sized flat tolerable, such as a coffee mugs and tea things. Also, a hotplate so that neighbour who puts octopus on pizza cannot see them. I know from experience!

  • I opened the window again. It wasn't too bad after all. I got used to worse things in the past. A cup of hot coffee would make it all better...



  1. Flopp Apr 30 2016 @ 11:54

    The Buddhist superhero bit made me crack up harder than a nut at Christmas.

  2. SlimWhitman Apr 30 2016 @ 18:13

    Yeah, that cracked me up too. Maybe we'll see more of the meditative duo...

  3. PurpleProf Apr 30 2016 @ 23:05

    What do you suppose the superhero' s name is?

  4. PurpleProf Apr 30 2016 @ 23:07

    Oh, I see... Buddy & Shambalabala.

  5. SlimWhitman May 07 2016 @ 05:49

    thats SuperBuddy when he's crimefighting.

  6. dTwanty May 07 2016 @ 06:02

    I Keanu Reevs playing SuperBuddi?

  7. Awes0mSam May 25 2016 @ 16:06

    Is Shambalabala a reference to the Kalki prophecy? Just wondering, probably not though...

  8. SlimWhitman May 26 2016 @ 04:02

    They seem a little too easy going to uhser in the end of time, but maybe they ride a white vespa together with little silver wings?

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