A big pale lantern hangs in the sky. I feel

  • A big pale lantern hangs in the sky. I feel a lust to howl at the moon, and I'm not alone. AARRROOOOOOOOOOO AAAAROOOOOOOO AAAROOOOOOOOOOO

  • To the Moon and to Venus I said an inner thanks, and then I set my frogs afloat on leaves and alight with a secret word that we had practiced, and I let some paper lanterns aloft.

  • When the lanterns were on their way heavenward I flagged down a passing dragonfly. I asked him to please carry my rememberances to my ancestors in the spirit world

  • ,he respectfully told me with great humility to eff off. Then the spirit dragonfly was eaten by the spirit frog and I had to go down my merry way to Earth. After the trip to heaven

  • I still felt like I had found no joy. That was until she walked up. "Hi my name is Joy> I think we're in the same class," she extended her hand. I started so hard I jumped.

  • First I jumped for Joy, and then I fell for her... fell hard. Joy again extended her hand to me and I gratefully pulled myself back up. Joy, to the world, was just another student

  • at Kingdom Come Parochial School, and I was having sinful thoughts about her. Joy, to the world, was all light & innocence, which made me want her even more. "Joy!" I called, "

  • How doth thou go by such an appellation, if bringeth thee nought but anguish upon the hearts of thine beholders?" The chaste Joy seemed struck by the paradox thus exposed, but then

  • she got out her big wheel, her rolling drum, her yella hat with the 3 little feathers in it. She stared blankly at me and shouted, "Salagadoola mechickaboola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!

  • At last, I found my Cinderella. Sure, okay, the glass slipper didn’t fit her massive feet, but those 3 little feathers—green, pink, salmon--colors to make you puke—won my heart!



  1. pinky Mar 17 2017 @ 14:46

    I'm once again struck by the odd ...intuition? ...that sometimes happens with folds which have no linear connectivity. 2, 3, and 9 (spirituality/ritual); 4 and 6 (down from heaven/back up) ; 5 and 7 (school); 2 and 4 (frogs). Interesting..

  2. Rebbie Mar 17 2017 @ 15:04

    6 and 10 (love)

  3. pinky Mar 17 2017 @ 18:01

    1 and 7 (lust)

  4. BlastedHeath Mar 17 2017 @ 20:43

    I feel Joy, but it's her brother Joe who really stirs my grits.

  5. BlastedHeath Mar 17 2017 @ 20:48

    IceSquad's entrance was very timely and literary, and the story finished nicely with a bit of outsider art that made me think, "Ain't love grand."

  6. BlastedHeath Mar 17 2017 @ 20:50

    That's an interesting insight, pinky. It's like a tarot spread.

  7. pinky Mar 17 2017 @ 21:55

    Oh Man! You have someone that stirs your grits for you? Brain always makes ME do it! Narf!

  8. pinky Mar 17 2017 @ 22:06

    Agreed, IceSquad's fold gave the story a fresh breath. Huh, tarot, hadn't thought of that angle, was thinking more along the line of psychic energy, but you're right, BH. . As a student of the tarot, I can see what you mean.

  9. Jimbeau Mar 18 2017 @ 00:01

    Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

  10. pinky Mar 18 2017 @ 01:24

    It's possible Jimbeau...what are we gonna do about it?

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