Nothing wrong with dunking the Todger in

  • Nothing wrong with dunking the Todger in a cool dip especially if its very hot

  • . Exactly. So I navigated to www.penisbeaker.com for a bespoke container. Now... which cool dip should I be dunking Mr Happy into? Taramasalata... why not? Spicy salsa will always

  • remind of that time in Panama. Like right now, i'm thinking about and feeling moist in my abdomen. Here, touch me here. Sorry about the mole. Yes, it does look like Don Knotts.

  • "Baby please, I am not from Havana!" Her constant advances were exciting at first but having been drained of all lifeforce over the last 36 hours, I needed a

  • I was chapped like hell. Furious strokes all night long; my girlfriend was a cruel taskmaster. I finished the cigarette. Back to the grindstone. I picked up the silver polish and

  • smoke. I lit a cigarette and went outside. I needed a break. My girlfriend was wearing me out.

  • ...I am not sure where this story is going, but all I knew was that every bone in my body, every muscle, every molecule...hurt like hell. By the time I finished my cigarette,

  • I had decided to give up smoking. In fact I decided to become a healthier person: I would grow vegetables, take up croquet and

  • move to a sanitarium situated squarely among the Black Hills. Doc Cordwainer's Crepuscular Health Creek was sometimes strange in its methods, but the fresh air and hot baths did

  • prepare one at a good price for the inner airs and balmier baths at the Crossing in Sparrow Woods, where no milestone stood.



  1. zxvasdf Mar 11 2015 @ 23:16

    My fold was actually in response to Chaheela's but when it was submitted it switched the two.

  2. BlastedHeath Mar 12 2015 @ 00:02

    Good to know! I think it makes a kind of sense either way ...

  3. SlimWhitman Mar 12 2015 @ 04:24

    grammatically it works too. That's the first time I see such a switcheroo.

  4. lucielucie Mar 15 2015 @ 10:00

    MoralEnd's fold made me sick a little in my mouth.

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