I had the nightmare again last night. Always

  • I had the nightmare again last night. Always the same. Having added to all existing stories, all I could do was create more. I needed to get to a FA meeting badly.

  • To exercise my demons I started a story about a guy who dreamed he was swallowed by a hippo & discovered among the moist folds, an encounter group of former story writers. Recogniz

  • ing my story as a means of escape from reality. My wife took me to the local psychiatrist. When I entered the room, I was surprised to see

  • the psychiatrist cleaning his gun. "Don't be scared" - he told me. This is just how I handle my anger management. Oh, great. A psychiatrist with anger management issues. That's

  • a sitcom that not very original she though. Then the psychiatrist said with alarming alacrity, "I quite agree." She wondered if he could read her thoughts. He smiled smugly and sai

  • d, "It's your body language. The tilt of your head - sitcom. Knee angle - not. Arms hugged - very original." Astonished, she jumped around like a cheerleader. The psychiatrist

  • joined in and soon they were both holding hands & jumping on the couch together. But then her husband emerged from under the couch & punched the psychiatrist, breaking his nose.

  • "We just got that... upholstered." He growled, teeth clenched as he impatiently nursed his sound-effect worthy knuckles. "Honey, " his wife pleaded, "Sigmund was just helping me

  • understand why you continue to cling to your mother." "I don't cling to my mother." he said testily. "Not literally," his wife replied. "But figuratively, you do. Sigmund explained

  • the differences between metaphor and the literal scope." "As in," he retorted, "I'm being figuratively henpecked by you, and literally by Sigmund's chicken." Sigmund smiled slyly.



  1. SlimWhitman Jul 23 2014 @ 16:45

    Sigmund smiles smugly and six folds later Sigmund smiles slyly. Does he know something my unconcious doesn't know, or is he just exercising his facial muscles?

  2. 49erFaithful Jul 23 2014 @ 18:53

    He's a sly, smug, SOB, that Sigmund.

  3. Zetawilk Jul 28 2014 @ 00:12

    AND he owns a CHICKEN.

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