Detective Manatee tutted and mused upon lost

  • Detective Manatee tutted and mused upon lost time as he left the sparsely attended IMAX 3D showing of "Vending Machine Perspective". Who could he call? Who could he trust?

  • He felt inside the silk-lined pocket of his waistcoat & pulled out a finely engraved card. Dr Derriere's number was hand-tooled across its creamy surface. With a hesitant flipper

  • the dolphin dialed Dr. Derriere's number. He said that after seeing Fifty Shades it hit him that he had no proper rear end and would like a "spankable" implant. Dr Derriere invited

  • the polyamorous marine mammal to view his options. Dr. Derriere proposed grafting a pigbutt worm to his backside, pink & babboonlike. Then Det. Manatee busted in on a sting op

  • aeration to catch congressional staffers turning the pages into gay Trump/Putin erotica. Dr. Derrière felt like he had been backsided and looked like a cracked ass. He made a stink

  • bomb or facsimile thereof - and as fast and as best he could with the rudimentary tools at his disposal. All in all, it was legit bad ass show of engineering. "I am such a McGyver.

  • " Ten flamethrowers, attached to a wheel, four wheels on the monster truck. If they wanted it, they'd have to come get it themselves.

  • They immediately logged on to Amazon and began searching for budget conscious yet fashionable flame retardant overalls that they could wear as they attempted to retrieve it.

  • "Here are some," they exclaimed, clicking the "Order now" button for the overalls. "They should be here sometime tomorrow. Then we can retrieve it before anything bad happens."

  • Unfortunately, the workers were on strike and all online orders required at least a week to process. The overalls didn't arrive until it was far too late, and the worst happened.



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