Hillenbrand stuck it out and was proud of

  • Hillenbrand stuck it out and was proud of himself. Nobody who had scaled these heights before had

  • been missing their arms and legs their whole life. The sheer beauty was magnificant, he could see the peaks of mountains far on the horizon. He struggled to climb up a boulder and

  • found King Sisyphus on the other side pushing the thing up the hill, the King had a "two-beer hat" that he was sipping from and burped the

  • universe into existence as a sudsy beer bubble.

  • The Beerniverse's hops, which were its basic building blocks of matter, quickly evolved into intelligent, cultured individuals with large guts, funny walks, and

  • a cheerful demeanor. Conflict arose in the Beerniverse one day when the Hops evolved nuclear weapons capabilities and inadvertently sealed the fate of the Beerniverse.

  • Malt and Barley were just coolin in the corner when Hops launched an all-out nuclear assault of intra-keg yeast-infused missiles that caused the Beerniverse to froth violently.

  • Every other ingredient chilling in the Beerniverse were disrupted from their career-changing activities. The yeast-infused missiles launched by Hops desecrated Malt's home, sadly.

  • That shouldn't be. Missiles should be angry or happy! Hops sought to bug-test their missile command system thoroughly, even though their target of Matt's home was already destroyed

  • So they went widely round the roundabout in their Boeing 747 and then flung their arms around like the air balloon advertisement things!



  1. m80 Mar 24 2012 @ 12:11

    aHA! The universe started as a result of a sudsy beer bubble belch. That explains everything.

  2. jaw2ek Mar 25 2012 @ 14:08


  3. MoralEnd Mar 25 2012 @ 14:24


  4. Zetawilk Mar 25 2012 @ 14:39


  5. SlimWhitman Mar 25 2012 @ 18:21

    Apologies to MoralEnd for short-folding his fold. When I wrote it, I just couldn't add anything more - I wanted the next person to create the Beerniverse, and that they did. As of now, the word beer occurs in 97 folds. I made an informal list of top 10 Beer-drinking stories (the numbers are the sum of likes from folds mentioning beer drinking activities): 1. (44) Beer balance http://foldingstory.com/ztppe/ 2. (25) The origin of the universe http://foldingstory.com/l3ocd/ 3. (20) The masons toast the God-King Arafakhanons http://foldingstory.com/q59et/ 4. (18) Mascot binging http://foldingstory.com/q59et/ 5. (11) The neat freak http://foldingstory.com/3fko5/ 6. (7) A beer too many and your just a bieber-lover http://foldingstory.com/b361x/ (7) Settling for just a beer http://foldingstory.com/b361x/ (7) Having a six pack http://foldingstory.com/7kslb/ 9. (6) Swilling in the swamp http://foldingstory.com/yrjnc/ (6) Beer buzzing the canyon http://foldingstory.com/8zf9k/ Honorable mention goes to this story. Not a lot about beer, but getting one is the culmination of this story http://foldingstory.com/xt95e/

  6. MoralEnd Mar 25 2012 @ 19:57

    Folding a story means never having to say you're sorry. :)

  7. SlimWhitman Mar 31 2012 @ 11:51

    Well, I just found out the links to several Beer stories are wrong. Here are the corrections: 3. (20) The masons toast the God-King Arafakhanon http://foldingstory.com/rbxui/ 6. (7) A beer too many and your just a bieber-lover http://foldingstory.com/3kddt/

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