Shrek is back and better than ever!

  • Shrek is back and better than ever!

  • For a limited time only, Shrek comes to life in your living room! Listen to him say classic lines like "ogres are like onions" and "what are you doing in my swamp?" Just be careful

  • to feed him his patented Ogre Fuel, grown naturally and organically in the wilds of the imagination. At 200g of riboflavin per serving, you're getting more than just a dollop of

  • gibberish! You'll be getting a MOUNTAIN of LIES!!! Would you like to order it for 50.99 plus tax?

  • "No thanks, I have no interest & your cheaply peddled untruths" I lied. They read between the lines, shoved a hose in my mouth & opened the spout wide. It was a bargain for 59.99$!

  • $59.99! That was outrages i thought to myself. I could have brought my pals to have a meal at a fancy restaurant.

  • The next time I went, I smuggled my date in a trench coat. "Now, if you hide under the table, I can clean this place out on breadsticks and salad."

  • "Dahling, please," said Zsa Zsa as she took her seat in the enlivened restaurant. "I might be dead but I'm not desitute. Tonight we can put blankets over the card table."

  • "I love building forts. How about we skip dinner, get a bottle of bubbly, salami & rice crackers and get cozy?" Zombie Zsa Zsa grinned, dripping maggots. Later under the card table

  • 'Of course! Why not? sounds like a great idea to me!' came the answer. 'Ok, that's settled then' replied Zombie Zsa Zsa. So they went and drank a bottle of bubbly and ate salami



  1. JustSomebody Jan 31 2016 @ 08:10

    Owww dear that did not work

  2. SlimWhitman Jan 31 2016 @ 10:23

    Not to worry JustSomebody - keep at it. It takes some time to get the hang of things here but its worth it for the fun.

  3. JustSomebody Jan 31 2016 @ 12:28

    yeah, I figured that out after ^ that thing!!!

  4. BlastedHeath Feb 02 2016 @ 21:17

    "I'd like to buy a consonant ..."

  5. BlastedHeath Feb 02 2016 @ 21:21

    That ending was just fine, JustSomebody. Thanks for joining us!

  6. Chaz Feb 05 2016 @ 08:26

    "One of us! One of us!" - Freaks (1932) Welcome JustSomebody! :)

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