Once upon a time, there was a frog, and he

  • Once upon a time, there was a frog, and he had a wart.

  • The wart was just above the frogs eye. Frogs don't usually have warts, that's toads, so the wart was lonely. So was the frog. He was ugly as frogs go. Even pigs wouldn't associate

  • with such an ugly frog, in fact, most frogs who saw this particular on, thought he was a toad. Toads thoroughly accepted him as the prettiest toad though.

  • Mr Toad of Toad Hall invited him to go punting on the Thames but after Mr Toad had a minor road accident, Mr Toad impulsively decided to change the activity to hot air ballooning.

  • Due to his hangup on formality, Mr. Toad lost more friends than most people ever gain. He only read the New York Times and attended city hall meetings assuming Robert's Rules were

  • strict. Mr. Toad decided find like-minded people on Craigslist.com. Instead, he found an old couch. For some reason, this couch made him feel wanted; loved. He

  • didn't know that the couch could talk. "Well, hello handsome." Mr. Toad almost jumped out his warty skin when he heard it speak. The couch then said,

  • "I have a magical task for you friend!" Mr. Toad couldn't believe his warty ears. "I thought sofas couldn't talk." "Excuse me, but the accepted vernacular is COUCH!" Said the

  • sofa. "But," Mr Toad said, "even the writer claims you're a sofa." "Whatever, just listen to me," the sofa said. "The toad princess was cursed and turned into a human. You need to

  • smack her right on the lips to turn her back into a beautiful toad again. "No way!" the princess shouted. "Being a human is a great gig! Did you know they actually REMOVE warts?"



  1. SlimWhitman Oct 13 2015 @ 18:43

    Really very funny, the whole story, wart's and all. I was LOLling at Kristyleann's fold and the way miru got the writer involved... very original.

  2. kristyleann Oct 13 2015 @ 20:51

    lol thank you :)

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