Pop had waited his whole life for this. All

  • Pop had waited his whole life for this. All those centuries trying to win the heart of lovely Susie Lou, and now she was within his grasp. There was only one problem -- Susie Lou

  • was an elephant. Not that she was fat or anything, but she was literally an elephant. The thought of himself romancing an elephant named Susie Lou made Pop taste bile in his throat

  • cancer hole. But Susie Lou was a very, very seductive elephant, very. She was not going to let Pop get away.

  • So she- Woo geez sorry, I'm getting a bit randy just thinking about Susie Lou the seductress elephant. Anyways! So she charged after Pop, flopping her trunk suggestively until he

  • told her, "We are now entering our cousin Ian's lair. Look at the trees and shrubs he

  • planted near the front. They do a nice job of hiding the entrance, don't they? Ha HAH!" He laughed too loudly. She cringed but followed him into Ian's hideout.

  • Ian's hideout was surprisingly posh considering the shabby district, she thought -- tapestries, candles, fresh flowers, respectable furniture. Her jocular guide said that Ian might

  • Pop in or pop out depending on which wasn't needed. Ian never did but Deacon Reds did 17 times.

  • In out, in out, as the old saying goes. That's how babies are made, but whats really interesting is how the people who make them are often the most unusuall and highly unexpected d

  • -ioramists in this great, long, graffiti-filled wall we call life. You paint your section and I paint mine, but we are all connected, all in on this great work of art. Or crap.



  1. Touch Aug 07 2017 @ 16:36

    Or crap. haha

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