What's your mighty, what's the party, go

  • What's your mighty, what's the party, go to go to Matty Lottie but you gatti gatti patty patty patty patty patty

  • This was her favorite pop song! Ellie jumped up and down screaming. She was seeing Mad Men Wear Shoes live. The concert was a wicked sick bash of half drugged teens.

  • The crazy ass band members would point at their own feet every few seconds so the crowd would get the point. When Mad Men Wear Shoes invited Ellie onstage she near flatlined. "OMG!

  • Is this really happening??," she squealed. "Girl, just go! I'll snap a picture of you while you're up there," said Roxy, pushing Ellie upstage.

  • Ellie struggled with her jumpsuit as she stumbled onto the stage. Rosy gave her a thumbs up from the wings. "This looks like a job for Insecurity Woman," she stammered.

  • "Yeah, you probably haven't heard of me. I'm one of those little known superheroes." Insecurity Woman anxiously glanced at the audience and then stared at the floor.

  • "Save, us, Insecurity Woman," someone in the audience called out, "You're our only hope!" "Oh, I'm sure someone else could do it better," she replied, chewing anxiously on her nail

  • and then on her hammer, or maybe it was her cud...I'm not one hundred per cent sure. The audience started to hiss and throw Tampons at he, "You're not so great, Insecurity Woman!"

  • and they even threw Tampons at it and her, too! "Pipe down!" Insecurity Woman shouted forcefully, "I never said anything about being great! I'm just your everyday, run-of-the-mil

  • l MAN!" Oops! Insecurity Woman clapped his hands over his mouth. His secret was finally out. Everyone had "a moment" &hugged. He finally felt...just fine.



  1. Jimbeau Mar 15 2017 @ 21:57

    The PurpleProf gives it a "twist" and a happy ending...PPP (Props to Purple Prof)!

  2. Rebbie Mar 16 2017 @ 12:42

    Aw, best concert ever. The feels!

  3. SlimWhitman Mar 16 2017 @ 18:41

    My line was generated by speaking Gibberish to Siri and this is what she wrote. I like the PPP finish too. Actually the whole thing is quite fun.

  4. Rebbie Mar 16 2017 @ 18:44

    This one has potential. I love that you used the Siri gibberish translation for the start line Slim! That's awesome. And the PPP finish just made the whole story.

  5. PurpleProf Mar 16 2017 @ 21:47

    Thanks!! Y'all just tickle me to no end!!

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