"Mr. Lee. Just give me a chance. It's gonna

  • "Mr. Lee. Just give me a chance. It's gonna be great. Trust me. Are you ready? Drum roll please. Hehe. Ahem. Ta da! The Barometer! He sings Barry Mannilow songs & makes his opponen

  • ts cry tears of agony. Rainbow tears to the Barometer, because he sees the good weather in everything; the silver lining, or whatnot. Barometer keeps singing and Mr Lee

  • decides that he can't take it anymore. Mr Lee rips off his clothes and runs outside into the pouring rain. Standing under it, he feels cleansed, and he begins to scream,

  • "Oh GOD! Baptize me with Thy waters & renew my spirit!" Dark clouds gathered& lightening zigzagged across the sky. A voice like thunder boomed, "Mr. Lee, why hast thou been

  • making demands of Me? I delegate menial tasks like baptisms to humans!" Mr. Lee was unfazed. "Well, God, if I'm gonna get a wash, I want the premium service. Can the lightning and

  • the thunder really be code for sex?" The last part of my question made Mr. Lee mad. Mr. Lee pounded his fist and said, "My god, My god, ok, that's it. You think this is a joke?"

  • Apparently, that was how I got fired from a job I never liked. The Abominable Korean Snowman was screaming bloody murder ever afterwards. His wife mysteriously gardened for a week.

  • I would sneak into the Abominable Korean Snowman's wife's garden and sneak ice peppers, which despite their name and growing climate were surprisingly hot. When caught she

  • didn't want the Abominable Korean Snowman or his wife to know what she was up to, so she stuffed the stolen ice peppers in her mouth all at once. "What are you doing?"

  • asked the wife, but there came no answer. The ice peppers had frozen her brain. It wasn't until the following spring thaw that she finally spat out water and said: "Oh, nothing".



  1. Rebbie Oct 19 2016 @ 14:50

    So hot they're cold!

  2. Woab Oct 19 2016 @ 15:44

    Who knew?!

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