Minutes remained before my inevitable death

  • Minutes remained before my inevitable death was upon me, and I began to reflect. I had accomplished so much during this cycle, yet left so much undone. My greatest achievement was

  • hatching out of my cocoon, to show the world the marvel of my wings and strut them about. Sadly, I turned out to be a moth, not a butterfly as I had first thought. I was dying, the

  • light at the end of the tunnel called to me. I went to it. I ran to it. I flew to it. I hit it. It was a porch light. A woman inside cried out "Get the shotgun, Moth Man is back!"

  • The door swung open and a man came out with a shotgun pointed at me. I shook away the daze from staring at the light and lifted my moth wings to fly away.

  • The shotgun's bullet headed straight for me, but my moth body was so light that it's force blew me out of its way. The man with the shotgun swore as I spun off into the night.

  • In the moonlight my luminescent wings revealed the call of other places to my moth soul. I heard the distant call of the moon isles. Their legendary soup of life was powerful and I

  • couldn't help myself, okay? I was a moth, after all. That glowing, pretty thing hovering in the night beckoned and I was powerless to resist its charms. Zap! I suddenly felt

  • dizzy, and my throat smelled faintly of fire. My legs twitched and twitched until I moved no more. The cruel boy who had placed the lamp cackled at my misfortune

  • until a little after I crossed over. Poor, cruel boy, I mused as the shadows soothed my pain. I watched over him as he grew and protected him from harm as I crafted my revenge. Au

  • scpiciously, or so I thought. It was eternity before I realized the truth...and finally glided into the light.



  1. PurpleProf Dec 20 2016 @ 19:31

    We could learn a lot from Moth Man.

  2. Flopp Dec 21 2016 @ 06:43

    Hey. Thats pretty good.

  3. Woab Dec 21 2016 @ 13:32

    Amazingly coherent and weirdly beautiful.

  4. EdgyKid Dec 25 2016 @ 00:13

    I'm very proud to have been a part of this.

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