He listened to They Might Be Giants which

  • He listened to They Might Be Giants which only confirmed he was a nerd. But he was also dumb. Being a dumb nerd was like being the lumpen proletariat because

  • he had no interest in looking up "lumpen proletariat" in the dictionary. All his knowlege he gleaned off of YouTube videos. Somone had to put the hand inside his puppet head.

  • He had learned well. Years of playing Simon Says had programmed him well to follow the cultural hegemony. He gladly found the beef, thought diamonds lasted forever, and

  • took a licking and kept on ticking. And so he was very successful but increasingly dissatisfied.It all changed the day he heard, *really* heard, Talking Head’s “Once In A Lifetime”

  • . David Byrne asked him some very interesting questions and totally changed his 5 yr plan. Later that week though, in an equally suggestive state, he happened upon "Psycho Killer"

  • and got inspiration to write his very first hit. The radio went crazy, downloads from iTunes were a madness

  • He also made number 1 on the radio.

  • He made number 2 on TV. So where does he go from here? Davon set his sights on conquering the depths of the deepest ocean. He tuned in to Blue Planet to gain some insight on

  • exactly what an ocean is. Davon was surprised by what he found. Immense pools of water around the world? Fascinating! By the time he learned about marine mammals he was beyond any

  • mortal's wisdom of the deep. Well except for one who knew the deep like the back of his flipper. But what mortal flipper or hand could frame the fearful symmetry of J Man.



  1. Chaz May 02 2012 @ 17:12

    I saw TMBG in concert. A punk band was opening for them so the audience became confused. Have you ever seen anyone try to slamdance to 'Istambul'?

  2. MoralEnd May 02 2012 @ 18:15

    I saw TMBG in concer too, at a Northwest Music fest. They were awesome.

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