Thus it came to pass that the earth purged

  • Thus it came to pass that the earth purged the monkey creatures. But before she did she asked the last surviving man why he should be allowed to persist. Luckily that last manling

  • had the verve of Rico Suave and the biceps of Hulk Hogan. The last manling was able to convince the earth that mankind was worth keeping. But where were the women? Manling1

  • had a problem. The last female Womynly1 had moved to Mars and was propagating the human species by cloning herself repeatedly. Hunky Manling1 needed to entice a female back to Eart

  • h's one good Habitatellite (the last one slammed into the moon). Manling1 tried to attract Womynly1 with his massive chest of circuits and gears. He was well-equipped for he

  • was born with a multi-tool in place of a head. He could eat pasta with finesse while screwing people at the same time. He would not be forced into slavery. "Screw you!" was hi

  • S favourite phrase. His nickname was "mack the knife". And with good reason. The chipmunks living under his porch secretly made jokes about him.

  • Seriously? A serial killer with a name from a song made famous by Bobby Darrin? "Mack the Knife my ass," scoffed a chipmunk as the man struggled to lift the body from the car.

  • "my back hurts from all the lifting at the gym" he said. "you're getting old man" I smiled. The other shows you've mentioned aren't such popular ones in terms of

  • nudity, but if they're as fun as tonight, I'll give them a try. There was a certain charm to watching really old people fighting in their underwear. The music was an important

  • effect, as were the bubbles dancing around the room. Anna-one, Anna-two. The old man was down for the count. I never knew I could enjoy a Lawrence Welk reunion show so much!



  1. PurpleProf Jun 13 2016 @ 19:28

    RRRrrrrrico Suave!!!! 49erFaithful!!

  2. 49erFaithful Jun 14 2016 @ 00:23

    Nothing but the best of the best PurpleProf! (-;

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