my name is antwan i am the best i like footbal

  • my name is antwan i am the best i like footbal

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  • meets girl, girl loves boy, boy loves girl, girl meets girl, girl loves girl, girl leaves boy, boy hates world, boy blames girl, boy meets boy, boy

  • loves boy, boy loves world, boy forgives girl, girl loves world, world loves girl, boy leaves world, world hates boy, world blames girl, world meets world, world loves world, nuke

  • everything, I give up. Love may make the world go 'round, but love also makes the world go "BLAM!". Or maybe it's boy and girl and all their relations that do that. Why can't we

  • keep up with the Joneses? I mean, look at them! We all peered into our next door neighbor's window where we could clearly see what we were missing. I had an idea then. "Let's

  • invite Mrs.Joneses daughter Josy for dinner, for Josy Joneses & not the greener grass was clearly what I'd been missing! But my father had spied Mrs. Joneses in lingerie & desired

  • to follow suit, so it was hard to be attentive to Josy while Dad sat at the head of the table in bra & panties. "Well, Josy," he asked heartily, "Wadaya think of us?" Josy coughed

  • Josy knew she would be the talk of the neighborhood when word of this got out. Dad looked good in those panties but why with the bra? "Mom, have you tried red leather or latex?"

  • Dad asked Gran. She waggled a finger and smiles. "Oh, an old hussy never tells." With that, she slides down the stool shes perched on and lands in the splits. "Surprise!" She beams



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